Joseph Wainwright

Software and Network Engineer based in Denver, Colorado.
University of Denver Student pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science, on a pre-medical track.
Available for commission in Website Design and IT Consulting.

Introduction + Skills

To be breviloquent, I am driven by four things: computers, cars, medicine, and entrepreneurship. My personal interests often overlap with professional and academic strengths. Having worked as a software developer for Forsythe Technology, I have a love for DevOps, open source software, and Internet infrastructure. Post-graduation, my ultimate goal is to establish a business in the infrastructure space in emerging markets. Outside of work, I have an unhealthy passion for automobile technology and motorsport.

Genuine gratitude is extended to anyone spending time looking at my portfolio. As an added bonus, everything here and externally is hosted on servers I maintain and operate. Thus, I hope your experience is stable and responsive.

Coding & Development

Well-versed in web development, fluent in Java, and working fluency C/C++. Object-oriented programmer with POC engineering experience.

Game Development

Introductory experience in game development, primarily Unity Engine. Experimented with Oculus Rift VR DK1 technology.


Formerly responsible for sandbox environment deployment in RedHat OpenShift with OpenShift Origin tools.

Linux / VMWare

Performed system administrator duties in Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 for CI/CD pipelines combining Docker, Jenkins, and GitLab.

Hardware Expert

A hobbyist computer builder, with additional experience in maintaining physical servers and ensuring redundancy and physical security.

Public Speaking

Having participated in Speech and Debate for much of my secondary education, I enjoy public speaking and have extensive presentation experience.


A web host and rudimentary content delivery network for internal projects and select small-business customers. Clients include: 24/7 Home Health Care, AvaRe Healthcare, Gun Smith at Large, and Modify Detail.

XA Laboratories [ARCHIVED]

An academic research plan developed in college, with the objective of understanding complex aerosol modification for reduced-risk tobacco products.


Please contact me regarding inquiries on my current projects, or to ask about availability for hire/commission. While I am a full-time student and have other professional obligations, I am always looking for website design projects and business ventures of any caliber.