Joseph Wainwright

Executive Director at 24/7 AvaRe Healthcare Phoenix.
Former Network Engineer at Charter Communications - Advanced Engineering.
Former Hosting Solutions/Architecture Delivery Developer at Forsythe Technology.
University of Denver Graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Professional Profile

To be breviloquent, I am driven by four things: healthcare, entrepreneurship, computers, and cars. My personal interests often overlap with professional strengths. Having worked as a software developer for Forsythe Technology and later a network engineer at Charter Communications, I have an innate love for cable technology, telecommunications, and Internet infrastructure - while outside of work, I have an unhealthy passion for automobile technology and motorsport.

Having transitioned to the home health care industry, I benefit from leveraging technology and automation for increased efficiency and quality of care. If you are an industry professional, I would love to speak with you about developing a relationship with our skilled home health organization, and learning more about how we can form a business-to-business partnership that is mutually beneficial.

Genuine gratitude is extended to anyone spending time looking at my portfolio. As an added bonus, everything here and externally linked is hosted on servers I maintain and operate. Thus, I hope your experience is stable and responsive.

Home Healthcare

Current home healthcare executive. Involved in all operations and business augmentation activities ranging from billing to procurement of new business and referral sources.

Business Development and Leadership

Passionate about growing as a business stakeholder, and engaging in professional development reaching beyond what is necessary in day-to-day management.


Formerly responsible for VM integration and deployment for Platform Services team using ESXi. Managed an environment with 2000+ VMs, including Cisco Nexus routers and a wide range of physical infrastructure.

Sysadmin/Linux Experience

Performed system administration duties in CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and *nix-based routing and firewall appliances. Continue to manage hosting and IT systems for 24/7 AvaRe.

Hardware Expert

A hobbyist computer builder, with additional experience in deploying and maintaining physical systems in a data center environment.

Public Speaking

Based on job duties and former collegiate interests, became an adept public speaker with extensive presentation experience.

24/7 AvaRe Healthcare | Phoenix

Avaeta Healthcare Group, LLC doing business as 24/7 AvaRe Phoenix as part of the national franchise brand. We provide skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, medical social work, and certified aides to patients that are medically homebound. Our office is in North Mountain Village in Phoenix, Arizona.